What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport in which participants blast away at opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica weapons called airsoft guns: Machine Guns, Hand Guns and Shotguns.

What are the restrictions for being allowed to play Airsoft?

We require Private Rooms for kids under 16 years old.

We require Private Rooms for kids under 13 years old.

A signed release from the legal guardian for everyone under 18 years old will be required to play. Go to our website and get lucky 88 free slots. Hurry up to go and start winning.

How many people are needed to play?

You can play with as many as 20 or as few as 2 people at the same time. Are you into playing games? Go to the book of ra gratis. There is the best offer for you!

How long do we play for?

You will have 1 hour to play and the opportunity to us at least 2 different guns.

We recommend you arrive 15 minutes early and allow for 15 minutes after the event, thus planning 90 minutes for your visit.

What type of guns can we use?

We have a variety of guns like Shotguns, Machine Guns and Hand Guns.

Do you offer Paintball?

Yes we do offer a similar version of Paintball which is toned down and uses real paintballs and a pump action Shotgun.

Is Paintball the same price?

Paintball is an additional $10pp for a shared game and Private Paintball games are an additional as well, please see the various pricing for private games. There is only 1 type of Paintball guns, the pump action Shotgun.

Is there anywhere we can eat?

Sure, we have an Italian American catering menu and private dinning room with Dance Club for the best Birthdays, Holiday Parties, Graduations, Bachelor Parties and much more!

Is this game played indoors or outdoors?

Our game is played inside. We setup a battle field for you with two teams on opposite sides of the room. You will get matts to organize as barricades and a center line that no one can cross.

How does the atmosphere of the room feel?

Glad you asked, it’s really awesome. There are black lights which charge the glow ammo and allow for segments of complete blackouts. Your referee is also your MC organizing your activities and playing music while having awesome environment effects like fog storms and snow storms blasting away at you on occasion.

What should I bring with me?

Sneakers, socks, long sleeves, long pants and a baseball cap, and your Call of Duty attitude!

This is my first time playing, will it be overwhelming?

Not at all, on the contrary we have developed this game to cater to beginners. Our equipment isn’t run on gas or co2 and thus doesn’t shoot as hard which eliminates the chance of getting hit and bleeding or having huge welts or black and blue marks.

I play Paintball every weekend in the woods, have my own equipment that is customized and shoots crazy fast. Is this for me?

Unfortunately, we aim our game more toward beginners and thus we wouldn’t recommend this game for you, however we hear Uncle Sam is looking for a few good men & women.

What if I am pregnant?

We do not recommend this game for women who are pregnant.

Can I bring extra people?

Yes… but only if you book the entire room. Please call or email us with specific room and number of extra people questions.

What if I am epileptic?

There are strobes, fog machines and lasers in our games (strobes can be eliminated for a game upon request), thus please make sure that you notify us when booking if you or anyone in your group has epilepsy or any other severe ailments.

There are also buzzers and other loud noises that occur over the course of the adrenaline-packed, 60 minute-long experience.

Can I schedule a private experience for just our group?

To reserve an entire session for your group, you need to purchase all the tickets for that game at once. Each game has a varying capacity as we did design games to accommodate larger groups for parties of up to 20.

Can we bring our own equipment?

We will supply you with everything you need, including face masks, Airsoft or Paintball Guns, Ammo and non-stop fun! However no outside equipment is allowed to be brought in.

Where can we park?

Metered Parking is available up and down both sides of Main Street until 9pm. After 9pm and on Sunday parking is free. There are also public parking lots on State Street including one directly behind our building (next to C-town), also metered until 9pm Mon.-Sat. If you aren’t able to find parking and you are getting close to the time of your booking please text us and we will assist you.

What if I want to do this as a celebration for a Birthday/Anniversary/Bachelorette Party/Proposal and have a special message. Do I need to book a “Private Party” for that?

Yes – and we love to do that for you or your special person. All you need to do is reserve a game entirely to yourselves (either 2, 4, 6, 8 etc people depending on the game). We will take care of the rest! If you want to put something physical in there (like a ring).

Can we schedule additional activities as well to make the event longer?

Of course, we have so many great activities. Just ask your event coordinator about it when you call in to book.

Do you offer games for younger kids, like 7-9 years old?

Sure, we have some really awesome Nerf Battles with powered semi-automatic Nerf Guns that make for a really fun time. We also have Glow in the dark ping pong balls Blasters that are great as you get to play in the pitch black dark for portions of the game, plus great games like Velcro Dodge Ball and Belly Ball.

What else is there to do?

Soooo much!

On the top floor you can checkout Bergen County’s first Escape Rooms.

Next door you can play Human Bumper Balls.

On the ground floor you better not miss our biggest hit Minutes 2 Win It!